Friday, March 18, 2011

Aku & Msia: Enrichment Program

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Located at Quality Hotel,Kuala Lumpur,me n my fellow colleagues from ARB hv attented a seminar. A very enjoyable n worthy program i guess. Its more on trustee n islamic banking concept.
This 3days program started with Pn Azliah's session.Her talks really wakes me up and makes me remember that its  a long journey actually and I hv to pass it through no matter how hard it is.As long as we hv pure intention.I've gain my spirit,courage to continue what I've stopped before.
Sessions with Prof Madya Dr Asyraf Wajdi n Ahmad Fadhlan Yahaya,Head-vice president of al-Rajhi change my negative thinking about banking n economy stuffs.I used to hate it but now I realized the importance of it .It's one of knowledges I hv to master it.

From a science-field background and all out sudden learning economic stuff is the craziest n unthinkable thing in my life.Haha. Believe or not.But,session with Pn Alina (BOD) really makes me think in diff way ie not what we learned in past control us bt what we r gonna learn is actually lead us to bcome us now.
In upcoming post,I'll share wth u guys what is actually I learned,new 3ilm,insyaAllah.

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