Saturday, May 14, 2011

This headaches r killing me softly...alhamdulillah.

salam ,,,,

Im nt feeling well today...starting from yesterday my throat began to feel awkward,my muscles in pain,actually its d whole body especially my leftside (I fall at stairs during gotong-royong,I'm about to blame my plastic Crocs,bt I know its all my fault bcoz talking too much n didnt pay attention to the wet caution made by Syafiah)

Anyway,I woke up quite late this morning,wth headache n a terrible sore throat.I go to d toilet to wash my slum face.I start reading Sirah wth a smile.Alhmdlh,I finished my talkhis for Hadith last night at 2am.Now,I'm free to std anything I want.And like always,I'll start my day with Sirah bcoz I love it very much.

Last night,after Maghrib.We watchd TV to gt  d latest infos about d Intifada.For god sake,I almost jump out from my skin when I see whats happening at Tahrir Square.Lots of people gathering...I've been told by my seniors tht they will gather on Friday,Saturday moving to Rafah,border Egypt-Palestine,n InsyaAllah on Sunday,they'll enter Quds (correct me if I wrong)
In Harakah,The Illicit Gains Authority (IGA) has announced that a team of investigators travelled on Thursday to the city of Sharm el-Sheikh to conduct extensive questioning of former President Hosni Mubarak and his wife Suzanne.

Opps,I've to stop now.Must gt ready to cook. The girls wanna eat 'nasi minyak' and 'ayam masak merah'. I was too excited because finally I'll cook something in d menu!! I hope I really cn make a gd delicious nasi minyak.Hah! wait n see....

Arghh..I'm really exhaustd,need smthg to cheer me up.Man, 4 dishes  in a row. Alhamdulillah,the girls hv their dinner n do nt leave anythg even a single sauce. Bt,I have to make a better improvement nxt time..I cant focus ,hehe.Their compliments just make me want to fly off from the balcony,,,fly to Malaysia.Hahaha

(gt from d internet,it was sooo comel.It's a invitation gift for wedding.I wish I cn hv one like tht,,,^0^)

Hurm,,,Now I hv to focus on my study,seriously. I will go bck Msia insyaAllah for this Eid .My mom has planned for me.She askd me to teach the orphans English n arabic.I was too excited.Finally,I'll be a teacher.Now I hope my hadaf,my aim to go back is clear.I've  important thing to do. May allah  guide us to hv a better future,,,

Arggh,headache strikes again...cant feel my eyes.Pray for me ok.
Luv u,,salam

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