Thursday, September 15, 2011

oppss,Burung Marah?!

Salam semua!

Salam 1 Malaysia!
haha,nk patriotik sikit pagi Jumaat ni,atau lbh spesifik jumaat terakhir di Malaysia sbb flight sy adalah hari khamis nxt week! Whoa,kjap je.

Balqis,my youngest sis participated in d formation of 1Malaysia parade this morning at Dataran Merdeka.Here I cn see her effort to gain RM10 per day! Woke up nearly after Tahajjud for practice. haha! Well,the practice started sinceRamadhan.And alhamdulillah,I watchd the parade this morning n they r doing  very very well.I bet the PM will be very proud of ths!

Today I would like to talk about this newest game.I dun know how newest it is .Bt technically I was lil shocked when I see every1 is talking bout the game and all it's merch at all stores. Its really like every1 is insanely addictd wth the game.Oh,come on.I know u knew. Its the Angry Bird!

Frankly speaking,at first the game really dun attractive at all when I saw it in market by my android phone.Bt,my aunt said it was fun n her kids like it to death! So,I dload it and play it and now....I'm also insanely addictd!!!!!!

It was fun,,,and my opinion is the game is cursed bcause no matter how long u play it,u didnt get bored.And u will keep playing it eventhough u keep losing . U have to release the bird in order to kill the green pig. Its sound simple,,,bt wait till u play!

 Angry Bird Day!


Okay,,gtg.Mom's calling,,my dad is bz in his room .He is a workaholic bt he always has time wth us.And this Saturday he is going to Korea fo a meeting! U knw what,my sisters is dying to hear tht as they were 'kipas susah mati KOREA'! I always said to em," Abah tak pernah tgk citer Korea dpt pi,hangpa?" Haha,well tonite we will go to KOREAH too,,قرية: Village in arabic

 Okay,try playing d game,,if u keep winning or u thnk its boring juz uninstall it! Arachi?! Okay chaw!

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