Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't walk,run!

This is the best variety show so far,,,,I guess.  My sister,Bam2  askd me to watch d show wth her,,the show is really fun.I got hooked ever since.It makes me laugh,,non-stop.Haha. I enjoyd the Hide and Seek part,,it is unique...And I'll suggest to my Aisa member to include the hide and seek part in future activities!

But,of course there r quite a number of Korean variety shows ,,such as StrongHeart,Star King,FAmily Outing,,,but Running Man is the Best. U guys should watch it.Besides that, u can learn Korean culture  n its beutiful places. Highly recommended!

p/s tgk-tgk gak,,,ali Imran dah habis hafal belom?? Mom's fav question,,,

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