Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Qolla wa Dalla

really not in mood.Exam is just around d corner.Eager to share d whole story of family visits here in Egypt,thanks to Allah for all happiness,joy and Ni3mah. But,,lots to catch up,10 subjects in a row,only think about it make me dizzy,bt yet the study thing and gaining knowledge not for d sake of exams,but for d future generations.
Today I read islamic novel Wa Islamah and its really make me sad n mad wth Sultan Jalaluddin.If u guys wanna know more about it,read it haha!

Before I end ths short post,Iwanna tell u guys tht I'm really sad wth the surrounding.Everything is going unwell...What cn I conclude here is..when a soul being sliced into pieces,,even living in ur shadow make me stress...Arggh,,to know more,stay tuned..^0^

Pray for me ,k!

Luv u all,,revive our prophet s.a.w sunnah.

C ya!

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