Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TurKisH DeliGht,,istanbul,Turkey!

Dengan nama Allah, Yang Maha Pemurah, lagi Maha Mengasihani

Alhamdulillah,K.Jannah n I arrived at Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen airport,second airport in Istanbul,another one is Antartuk Airport.Sabiha is antartuk's adopted daughter n the first lady pilot of Turkey..We were excitd bcause when we steppd our foot for the first time on land of Turkey,the snow welcoming us wth its purest white and softest texture,really hard to imagine.o Allah,ur creation is soooo amazing.

Then,wth bus we go to Hotel,the europe side.Oh,b4 I forgot,Istanbul basically is located in two side,the europe n asia side.Most of the Turks work at Europe n live in Asia.

Soo many places we go: Aya Sofia(the holy wisdom),Sultan Ahmet mosque,Maqam Amru alAsr.ra n  Maqam Ayyub alAnsari r.a ..many more. We also ride a boat along the Marmara Sea,under the Bosphorus Bridge. Seeing the whole Turkey in Miniaturks(exactly like taman IslamTerengganu).We also go to Bursa which is took about 4 hrs to go there wth ferryboat.The best part is when we climb the snowy hill,,(wth the help of cable car,of course) .
snowy hill,,bursa
unfinished snowman

Ottoman's Sultans used to gv the folks foods made in Topkapi Palace,,what a huge kitchen they have!

Camlica Hill (c=j)
 in Ahmet's mosque

Hagia Sophia
So,for conclusion.U cn see more pictures in my FB,bt I set it customly for private sake,hehe.Or u cn ask me for more. Turkish ppl as Mr Ahmad says (tukish tour guide) is very good ppl,they dun yell on streets unlike egyptions,they were polite n nice.Bt rarely u cn see em esp the women wth proper heejab,if they do wear hijab,surely theres 'jambool' coming out.And I hardly to gv salam when entering shops unlike Egypt coz I dun know whether they were muslims or not bcause of the clothes they were wearing.I admit it,for the looks,I gv em two thumbs,yakni Masyallah,Subhanallah,the men r really gorgeous n the women too,as Mr Ahmad says ,"We mix too much" Bt,he said tht the turkish likes to catch heaven in last minutes,they go for hajj in sixties n above.They r lazy in performing prayers,only 1 times a week they'll gather in masjid for Jumaat prayer.Sadly,how Kamal manage to change Turkey in 90 yrs! Look,for example Aya Sofia,from church to mosque then to MUSEUM!! Its really sad,when ppl walk inside wth their dirty sandals! Muslims used to pray there!But,Alhmdlh,I cn hear azan every prayer time,from one masjid to anothers juz like Egypt. Bt,Istanbul is really beautiful,clean and clear.I even walk wth K,Jannah every nite around the city, its clean, even under the bridge. But the shops close early maybe because of winter. The currency is TL: Turkish Lira, USD1 = TL1.7. So its hard for me to shopping,when i c the price tag,i'll keep converting from genih to ringgit.Then,suddenly i think i hv to stop d converting thing or else i cant enjoy shopping here. So,whenever i see,TL 10,i said owh RM10,so cheap,,^0^

Opps,the conclusion seems too much.I hv to stop now to perform Dhuha,well c u guys nxt time...
(looking forward to go to Cordova,,Bt first I've to go bck to Msia,important mission!)



  1. Assalamualaikum wbt. It must have been a very precious journey for you. Kebetulan, saya pun baru balik dari Turkey. Rindu! My tour guide said that some rich Muslims are trying to buy Aya Sofya from UNESCO I think? Hopefully Aya Sofiya will be turned back into a mosque again. I met some students from Egypt when I was there. Correction, a LARGE group of Malaysian students from Egypt. Probably we've met there :)

    Just so you know, your article about fast food in ILuvIslam brought me here. Very informative.

    By the way, enjoy your journey in Spain! And Malaysia!

    1. wasalam,,,sy pun ingt ad small group tgkp gambar bwh lampu,,sbnrny sy br perasan artikel sy dterima syukran,,mesir gak ke?



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