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:::Love for Layla:::

♥ *ِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم*♥

I was glad when Chairman Schwarderer stood up .I cannot believe my ears when he said ,” Well Done!” The Board of Directors were excited too as they broke into a loud applause.I thanked to Allah.While celebrating with my colleagues the triumphant, suddenly my phone rang.

“Honey, alhamdulillah! I made it, I made it,” I shouted happily.
“Hello, pardon me.This is urgent, the owner of the phone is at the hospital. Please come here immediately at St. Paul road,” said the man.

I quickly grabbed my keys and wallet. On the way to the hospital I prayed to Allah that everything will be okay. But, as if all has been fated, I was too late, Layla was declared dead upon my arrival.She was killed in a single-car crash near a construction zone. My knees could not support my weight any longer, I bent down,tears rolling down my face. My chest began to ache .I closed my eyes.It hurt to think that I would be lonely in this harsh life,feeling lost,feeling so distant, and everything seemed to be falling apart.

“Layla” I screamed as loudly as I could.
Jolted, this is the fourth times I dreamt about Layla. I walked lazily to the toilet,cleaned myself and performed my morning prayer. I keep praying to Allah hoping He would forgive her ,showers her with His blessings and placed her in a better life Hereafter.I am strengthened by faith.

At workplace,I can't stay focus! I keep remembering her. I began opening my drawer,looking for anything that might incriminate her. I stared solemnly at one of the picture of Layla smiling.This was taken after we had an ultrasound and I saw my unborn child!

But,the happiness doesn’t last forever.Later on,she had a serious bleeding and cramping.We went to the doctor and he said that he did not hear a heartbeat and the baby stops growing in the 14th weeks.I can still hear her screaming.Losing a pregnancy was the hardest thing she had to go through.But,I abandoned her instead of being with her.She need my support but I neglected her.I only care of myself,a man of forty longing for a child so much. Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said, "The best among you is the best to their family, and I am the best one to my family." But I?

I pray every second that God will make the clock reverse and bring back what once was mine. If God willing to change the fate ,I’ll be a better person to her. I know I have to accept the fate,whether it is good or bad.Because Allah created me,He knows whats best for me. I know all that.But,how I am going to soothe my heart? Will there a light at the end of the tunnel?

On my way back home, I saw a poor little girl begging for some food. The girl seems famished and sick. I stopped at a nearer stall and bought fresh bread and a lollipop. I gave it to the little girl. The little girl thanked me and said to me that my wish will come true. I patted and smiled at the girl and went back home. I drank a nice warm glass of milk before went to bed.

As usual, I woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning to perform my daily routine. Suddenly,I heard something crashed in the kitchen.I smelt a rat! I grabbed my besball bat under my bed , I walked cautiously to the kitchen.I stepped slowly,without making any sound . I shrieked to find out that her,,,my lovely wife,Layla sitting on the floor,collecting the crashed pieces. The besball bat fell from my trembling hand.
“Why are you looking at me like that? Its like you see a ghost,” she talked to me.She looked at me with her black eyes.Then,finding me without any responds,she continued cleaning the mess.I pinched myself.its hurt. I’m not dreaming!

Quickly, I ran to see the calendar at the fridge and see the date. It was one year before Layla’s death! I am so happy and hugged her tightly.How this could happened?Its like I’m losing my mind or something. My sadness melt away.My wish comes true and I thanked God .I promised to take care and bring happiness to her.
I went to work early that day, I listed all things that I want to do with Layla and marked at the calendar the date of Layla’s accident as a reminder. On the weekend, I spent my time with Layla doing some light exercises to maintain our baby’s health, watching movies and shopping for our little together.I always accompany her to clinic for monthly check up when she starts bleeding and cramping.I paid a 100% attention to her health. I never see Layla’s smile wider than now.

On her birthday, I asked her for a dinner . Layla waited for hours at her favorite restaurant as I have a sudden meeting with the share holders. She almost finished her last glass when I sat in front of her.Guilty it seemed,waiting for words to come out from her mouth.
She’s going to say a word when she heard her favorite song played by a pianist and she knew that I’m the one who asked the pianist. She smiled,and her eyes was bright as the stars and thanked me for the effort. I held her hand,finally I’m going to tell her the precious words ,which she longs for …I love you Layla,thanks for being with me.
I kissed her hand.I don’t know how I could transform into a romantic husband on that night.

The day has finally comes, Layla’s accident. I worried a lot and wondering around with the calendar on my hand. I keep calling Layla but she did not answer. She texted me that she is alright and on her way to clinic for monthly check up because the cramping stopped but still there’s a bleeding.My assistant called me to remind me that the conference call will start in any moment. In my office, I cannot focus because I keep thinking about Layla’s accident. I’m battling myself to decide either to save Layla or to continue with the conference.

All out sudden, I remember Layla’s smile . I rushed quickly to the clinic,hoping she was there. I saw Layla from far trying to cross the road.I yelled her name. Layla cant hear because it was a heavy traffic. I’m looking for a spot to park my car.
The traffic light turned green but she did not walk yet. She started walking when the traffic light almost turned red and suddenly a Toyota Camry came up from nowhere –or in this instance.The road was so slippery due to rain and the Camry’s driver couldn’t stop. The driver honked continuously but its too late when Layla found out. I ran to her and grabbed on her shoulder. The Camry went up the divider and crashed into a lamppost..
We laid on street .My back feels pain.. Layla put my hand over her tummy,she tried to speak,her voice a tortured whisper, ”Umar,,baby”, My mouth was on hers,silencing her words.I calmed her and asked her to remember Allah. She was breathing heavily. We looked each other in the eyes. Its like the first time when I met her.She smiled,,,,

“Okay,class.You may submit your paper,”
“But,Sir.I’m not finish yet.Still cant find the ending!” Qutuz pleaded.
“Okay,I’ll give 3 minutes extra,” Sir Ramlan walked to his desk.

Wanna know how he gonna end this story?He took a deep breath,and wrote at the end of the paper…he appeared confident. He wrote.....”to be continued”.....

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