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"Sis,please don't go I need you,"

"Francium, don't worry. I will always be with you. In fact, I will be the brightest star in the sky. You can watch me every night. And every night I will watch you and guide you from above."

"Sis,it would not be the same,"

"Francium, before I go, can ou promise me to fulfill my destiny?"

"Your research about the stars?"

"Yes I buried the secrets in somewhere place and you must find it. Would you?"

"Of course, sis. But, how I am going to find it?

"Trust your heart and you will find it........."

"Sister? Sis , do not go away. Please, I love you. Sis..........!"

"CUT!" the director stood.

"Wow, you both act very well today. Fantastic!"

All the crews surrounded the actresses to congratulate them. Francium thanked them. She looked at her sister,Caesium .

"Sis, it is over. You can wake now. I am excited to know that there is no film shooting tommorow. Perhaps, we better leave now to get rest. Tommorow is a big day!" Francium touched her sister's shoulder. No respond from from Caesium.

"Sis, no joking around I am tired. Sis?" Francium panicked.

All the crews including the director were breathless, watching the drama in front of their eyes. The real drama , maybe.


Still no response. Caesium's eyes closed, like a sleeping baby. Sleeps quietly.

"Paramedic! Somebody please get the paramedic!"

It has been a week after Caesium died. No doctors know how does she died. They said she died naturally. Francium was sad. The film shooting has been postponed until next week. Francium just stayed in her house. She cannot go out because they are reporters waiting for true story. 'Caesium, the glowing star died surprisedly' be the headline for all newspapers. Francium cannot face the reporters. They willl keep asking her about her late sister. That make her feel uncomfortable and lonely.

Well, that was 10 years ago before Francium made her mind to stop being an actress.Being married with a caring husband and their lovely twin make her busy. She loves stars. She always remember Caesium said, "...I will the brightest star in the sky. You can watch me every night." She believes that. So, every night before she goes to bed, she will spend times talking to any brightest star that she could see. Her husband understands her very well. In fact, he and their two twin will accompany her. That's make her proud to be in the family.

But one day, Francium's husband, Actinium take a leave for one day. Actinium was a forensic chemist. He helped police to solve the crimes. He and Francium was going to tidy up the store. The store was really a mess as if it untidy for donkey years. Francium opened the old teak cupboard. It was her mother's cupboard. From there she saw a nice music box. Maybe her daughter, Zircon would like it. She opened the music box. The sound of 'Blue Danube' echoing.She remembered how happy Caesium was when her mother gave Caesium the music box. francium was only 5 years when her mother passed away. She wiped the music box from dust without knowing the music box could change her life forever.

"There is a note in this music box," Francium said, surprisedly.

"Well,read it. What it says?" Actinium inquired.

"I must find the star, Dad gave me Mom's locket today. Perhaps, I will know what is Mom's greater regretion" Francium read out loudly.

"Diary, huh?" Actinium sat on a stool.

"Sort of....." Francium replied.

Suddenly, Francium jumped. She shrieked. She had step on a red cockroach. Actinium killed the insect. The music box fell on the floor. Luckily, it did not break.

Francium yelled.

"And now what?" Actinium asked.

"Mom's locket, fallen from the box."

The locket was made by pure platinum. It is star in shape. francium knew this was Caesium favourite. She looked the locket thoroughly. There is alphabets written on it.'SB', she read it. SB? What is that, she wondered.

Francium rushed to her room. Then, she took out the chest from under her bed. She opened it. It is all Caesium's stuff. Tears rolled down her pink cheek. She searched Caesium's most secret stuff, her diary.

"I am sorry, sis. I must read it," Francium whispered softly as if Caesium could hear it.

Francium flipped into pages. Then, she found the tore page. Maybe this is another piece, she thought. On the next page, she found an address. Maybe this is the answer for everything, she said to herself.

Without informing Actinium, her caring husband, she followed the address. She went there by her car, after she asked Nanny, her fillial babysitter to babysit her twins.

Ding....dong.....Ding....dong. Francium pushed the bell. Next, an old lady with white hair came out from the apartment.

"Oh, my god! Is that you Ursa?" the old lady asked and hugged Francium.

"Ursa major, the constellation?" Francium asked, weirdly.

"So, you are not Ursa Adams?" the old lady asked again.

Francium grinned and shook her head.

"May I come in?" Francium smiled.

"Oh, sure I am sorry,".
"Did you know Caesium Farquhar?" Francium asked.
"Yes, she is an actress. She died, isn't she?" the old lady stared at Francium.
Francium nodded,"I am Francium, her sister, madam."
"Yes I know. Call me Moly," Mrs Moly, the old lady smiled.
"Molybdenum? I found your name in Caesium's diary."
Mrs. Moly bowed down. It is time for truth, she though
Mrs. Molt told everything. Mrs. Moly married a tycoon thirty years ago. Mrs. Moly and her husband cannot have a child. So, her husband adopted a child from the orphanage. The child was......... Francium! Francium was shocked. The story really make Francium jumped out from her skin.
"Francie, after we adpoted you and cared for you for almost 4 years, your father came and took you from us. We do anything to find you but your father was missing. Then we searched your biological mother. Your mother said that your father had left her for another woman, that is Caesium's mother. We could do nothing to find you. And your look just like your mother, Ursa Adams." Mrs Moly finished, she swigged a cup of coffee so do Francium, still shock.

"How do I find my mother?" Francium asked.

"Caesium once find me.She asked the same question. She said her mother asked her to find your mother. But, I told her to trust her heart and she will find it....." Mrs. Moly gestured towards Francium's heart. Francium touched her neck.

"This locket? What.... I do not understand," Francium shook her head.
But, as Mrs. Moly, she just nodded, grinned as the wrinkles on her face touched one and another.

Francium unleashed the mecklace and examine it thoroughly.
"SB? Mrs. Moly, please help me to unlock the mystery,"

"Did you remember Caesium's dialogue from her late episode?"

Francium closed her eyes, tried to remembered the dialogue.
Then, she said,"I will be the brightest star in the sky. You can watch me every night...... Yes, I get it. Brightest stars in the sky is 'Sirius'. Every night, when there is no light, it will be dark. Dark means 'black'. "Sirius Black", SB! The village in Nebula Cape!" Francium shouted happily.

Now the mystery was solved. Francium knows she has a big task to do. She want to meet her mother. She was very happy to know that she's isn't lonely in this world. She was very excited to know that she will meet her mother. But the most exciting part is she had fulfill her sister's destiny, the research about the stars. The stars is her mother indeed.


p/s:Karangan spm ,haha. Lat.SBP sblm exm,rupa2nya time SPM masuk. Klu ada slh apa2,Fina punya pasal,dia yg taip n pandai2 dia buat perubahan tanpa pertanyaan penulis!

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