Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sorry dear,,

Little bit sad tonight,not in mood.My heart feels pains,make me hard to breath. Tomorrow is Fiqh Lughah class-3 hours non-stop. Lying on mattress,listening to a soft and sad melody,make me sadder.I cant help my tears from falling down....really hurt inside.Wanna shout! To whom can I share my feeling,sadness?  I pray to Allah to shower me wth His bless,gv me patient.In Quran, Fasobrun Jameel. I'll try...

I hope I can tell the person who had hurt me this much tonite,,,face to face.But,do I hv any courage? Am I coward? Yes,,,(I think) I dont want to create more problems, enough. I'm just a plain white paper.You can sketch everthing u want on me,u can tear me into pieces,throw me ,kick me.But,cn u tell me how purest is me?I dun think so!

I'll keep smiling and put all the blames on me.Keep patience even after everything annoying things u did to me,,,because u are my friend.I once cried bcause of u,did u know tht? All u know is keep asking me ,pushing me,bossing me around. You always see what you want.Do u ever care about me??!!

I really hope I can gt away from u.Gettin stuck wth u,,lots of pros and contras. Then,I calm myself,,telling me that everyone makes mistakes. Our Prophet s.a.w said that too. I cant wish u to act the way I want.But at least consider others feelings,everybody surounding u.

I'll keep praying to Allah,to show u the truth. I guess I'm the only one who can withstand  ur behaviour. When others talking bad about u,I hope I can shut their mouths.I feel hurt,pity,,because I'm you friend but I cant tell you what to do and  donts. I dun hv any guts.

My friend,,everyone makes mistakes.U r a good talker,student.But dun make other feels bad about u bcause of ur behaviour.

Friend,patient has limit.Dun walk across it or we are over. Allah,shower me wth Sabr.
Ya Allah,plese protect us from any bad things.


  1. asslamualaikum..brminat bila sy tgk semua entri awk ni.islamic version!mantop!hehe..boley kita brkawan ker nih??nk follow blog awk boleh dak?

  2. haha,,,xdelah islamic mana..merepek je lebih. Boleh,,nk link blog..



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